Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hey readers, sorry its been so long. I feel like most girls, when they are pregnant, their blogs blow up with posts. Me, not so much. I've been way too addicted to Solitaire to use my comp for anything else.

Eddie made a nerve-racking point this morning: I could have this baby in 3 weeks and he wouldn't even be considered early or premature. What? 3 weeks? I'm not ready for that. Just because, well I like EVERYTHING to be set up and ready completely, or else I get overwhelmed. If I had it my way, I would have everything set up with the car seat in my car by a couple months ago, just in case, but Eddie is a last-minute, live-your-life-on-the-edge, kind of guy, which really unsettles me. I knew what I was getting into though. When we were dating I actually made him a cross-stitch that said "I live my life a quarter mile at a time," which is a quote from his favorite movie "The Fast and The Furious." Paul Walker said it, I think.

I'm watching my stomach move right now; He's a little feisty. He's going to tire me out, I'm sure. I can more than feel him, I get to watch him. Every time he moves its magic. Sting, I love you.

On to less random things. For this part of the post I'm going to copy much of it from Ty and Kumari Marshall's blog. Partly because of laziness, partly because Kumari is so efficient! Love her! Ty and Eddie work together along with Tyler Dixon for the commercials that they shoot. To start, they submitted commercials for the Quiznos and Sports Authority contests and won them both. So they started a production company called Robot Formal (don't ask me). They shot 3 commercials for a Go Daddy commercial contest, one for the Doritos Super Bowl contest and another for the Pepsi Max Super Bowl contest. So the way the super bowl commercials work is it doesn't matter how many views they get or anything, the super bowl people decide on 10 ads, which are announced in beginning of Jan, and then people vote on their favorites, and the top 6 are played in the super bowl. So if we get top 10, we'll be knocking on your door asking for votes, but until then, don't worry about it! Their plan is to keep doing commercial contests to build a portfolio and a name for themselves and then move into doing bigger assignment work like music videos and commercials. We’ll post more videos as they shoot more.

Super Bowl Commercials:
Doritos Commercial
Pepsi Max Commercial

Go Daddy Commercials:

BTW-- This one got DQed or I really believe it would have won and we'd have a little more money.

Quiznos Commercial

Sports Authority Commercial