Monday, February 23, 2009

This is such happy news! will make your life so much better, I promise!

I have been budgeting since when we got married (June 2006) and we used Excel. Every time I would get receipts (from Eddie or myself) I would insert them into the budget. This isn't a very accurate system, as I would look at our bank account and think: "CRAP! I forgot I wrote that check!" or "Dang it Eddie!!! You didn't tell me you went to the post office!" Plus, in the move we didn't have our computer set up for over a month, so I didn't keep track of the budget. But all those woes are gone.

CUZ WE SIGNED UP FOR MINT.COM!!! Oh, and its free. It links up with all our bank accounts, and keeps track of student loans and everything. So I don't have to put stuff in to the computer, its already there. And that way, I can forget all my injured brain cares to. WONDERFUL! Eddie and I have both heard about it for a while, but we thought we get started with a new form of budgeting this time around, and I really appreciate it!

Except I think it forms a false sense of security. Let me explain: you insert all of your bank accounts and assets and liabilities and stuff. This includes any property you own, and in my case, a home. So I get this big old number for my "net worth" and lets be honest...that number is probably a BIG FAT LIE! It doesn't take into account what that net worth will be like if the economy tanks or something. Then my house is more like a liability. And then Eddie and my credit score will be jacked and all that way to hard of work will be for nothing...

But if not I have a big net worth!!!!! Yay for that.

So, in conclusion, I suggest you sign up for If you do have a budget, it will make it all so much easier. If not, well I don't think the bandwagon will ever be this accessible, so go ahead and jump on!

And you're probably thinking... "wow, the girl is a LOSER. How much does she love budgeting?!" You're right, I do love all things finance. Which stems from the fact that I WILL BE RICH!!! so I better start keeping track of my money now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Some people, by that I mean my cousin Karli, have asked that I tell you about my Valentines day. So here it is.

We started the festivities on Wednesday, Feb. 11th, making dinner and playing with Andrea and Brian Williams and my cousin Jordan Green and her Valentine/BF Patrick. We ate and then the boys played Wii and the girls...well we just chatted. Here are some photos, but not many, because I wanted to take a group picture so someone not so special had to be there to take it. And really, anyone who I like (especially if we're related like Jordan and Andrea and I) is very special. So it never happened cuz I believe pretty much everyone is special. And that is especially true of myself.

Anyways, here is a picture of Jordan and Patrick. And poor Patrick is in the middle of eating something.

BTW, everyone was required to wear red or pink.

And Jordan made this treat for us, which I will confess to eating most of. Originally, it was heart shaped (a rice krisy treat) and with red hots it says "Text Me." How appropriate for the year 2009.

and then on Thursday, Eddie and I went to Magleby's and got the all you can eat crab legs. Which, of course, was great. Cuz you cant get the all you can eat crab legs on the weekend, so we had to do it by Thursday. Happy Valentines day for us!

On Saturday we went to SLC and went to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters to get stuff for our house (We decided not to get gifts for each other. The gift was in the home.) And then we ate lunch at Red Iguana and we saw Sydnie and Brett. Then after a successful shopping day we went home to Provo. Then my wonderful Eddie got me a half dozen cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy which made me really happy.

THEN! We went to the stake valentines dance. Mind you, they took out some of the coordination part of my brain, so yeah...I do not dance. And Eddie is still in a sling, so definitely the only reason we went was to dress up. And dress up we did. And I wish we had pictures. Lets just say that Eddie had a suit on with rolled up sleeves and pegged pants and I had on some pretty gaudy jewelry and gold shoes.

THENNN! When we were filling out the new member info sheet thing the next day at church and we put "dressing up" as a talent. Eddie had multiple talents, I really only had "dressing up" and "riding horses," which they obviously don't let me do any more (cuz if its not obvious, everyone thinks I am vulnerable to getting hurt by that big of an animal and then they think I will sue them...which I have NEVER DONE! Well, gotten hurt by a horse...maybe)

So that was my Valentines week, which I loved!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is a tag, which really appealed to me cuz of the simple requirement. And plus, my friend, Andrea, said she likes to see peoples fridges. So I hope this gives you insight.
I obviously spend way to much of my free time on decorating my home. This uneven spending of free time is evident when ya see my fridge

And pantry

(notice we really haven't gotten around to re-hanging the door. That's why most of my house isn't so cool). Also, in this household we like to eat some food, put it in tupperware and in the fridge, and forget about it until mold grows about a month latter. And we haven't been in this house for a month, so its still with us.

Does anyone else feel like I'm showing you my house on MTV Cribs? Just minus the bottles of cristal? You know, that show YOU stopped watching in HS? I have yet to grow out of my CVHS years.

I tag anyone else who doesn't have anything better to blog about.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Home

My wonderful, photographer cousin, Jefra, took these pictures so I thought I'd share.

This is actually my favorite part of the house. Not that you could tell, we haven't decorated it at all. But its a good stair well.

My cousin thought this box was a kick (Notice most of our house is still in boxes). How does this not make sense? Cups are fragile, and they should be surrounded be soft things. In this case, Socks.

And our living room.

My Grandma's Birthday

On Wednesday night we had a birthday party for my Grandma Everson, my Dad's mom. She flew up from CA and we had a girls party. It was a sleepover, but I couldn't spend the night, but I imagine it was the BEST time.

Here's everyone. Notice I'm kneeling in front of my Grandma with her hands on my shoulders, which I think signifies that I AM THE FAVORITE!!! I fully expect her house in Newport by the beach when she leaves us. But not too soon, I dont think! Also, notice the Aunt folk are T.C. for the birthday crown thing. And in case you were unaware, T.C. = Too Cool

And she brought lots of her old jewelery for us, which seems backwards. For her birthday, she gave US stuff.

She turned 83.

Thanks to my cousin, Jefra, for providing the pictures. You would prefer to see her pictures over most others for sure!