Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'll admit it...maybe I am crafty. The proof is glaring at me. Look at my house? And I am in the process of knitting my 3rd tie. This one for the incredible Bishop Dicou. Eddie and my brother already got one. Also, look at the bunny I knit!! If thats not crafty I don't know what is! But you know what I'm not? Creative. says that to create is "to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes." What have I done thats unique? I'm just a really good copy-cat. I do have the natural talent to pick out what is pretty dang cool and do it myself. Look at my ties for example. I take a tie I like, and knit it. Easy as that. And my "unique" home decor, I really just look at pictures or pick what wouldn't go and do that.

So lets look at my most recent crafty, but not creative, project.

I painted it. Its going in my "craft room." Notice its straight black. clearly nothing original.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Salmon and Chicken.

Remember how in 3rd grade it was a big deal to not eat under-cooked chicken, fish, and eggs. And then when you turned about 20 it seemed like all those rules when out the door. People eat sushi all the time. I eat the rolls that my asian husband tells me contains cooked fish or shrimp. Plus, thats usually in a restaurant, and if you get sick thats what I call a law suite. I will gladly get food poisoning to get some money. What about when people eat fried eggs and the yoke is all runny and they dip their toast in it? I can't get over the rules, I eat around the yoke. I can not get over the rules. You tell me the last time you saw me consciously break a rule, and the wild part of me will stop having desires to make a risky decision. I MIGHT try illegal drugs or spend all my money.

This no rule breaking becomes a problem when cooking fish and chicken. I ALWAYS over-cook it and its just not good. Well not just "not good," its pretty much disgusting. I will not eat the chicken and fish I cook. Red meats I have no problem with because I was always taught a little blood isn't a problem. I've learned that having your red meat warm is totally sufficient. But when I cook fish or chicken I'll go to check if its done after the recommended time, find no problems (as in it looks done), and I'll leave it for 5 more minutes to MAKE SURE its totally charred.

I have to get over this if I'm going to be an ok cook for my husband. Someone with experience in fighting this urge tell me what to do.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go To Bed By 12.

I'm going to share my really effective ideas with you. I wish we had tried this sooner. Here's the deal: Eddie and I have a REALLY hard time going to bed at a normal hour. Like we never do. So here is what we came up with, and it works! We can't watch an episode of Chuck (it would work with any show that you're currently into) on my laptop in bed unless we get in bed by 11. The reason this is so great for me is because I just want to sleep. Always. I'm a very good sleeper. I'm out once I'm horizontal for approximately 5 seconds. This is a good compromise because Eddie is a night owl. So, to be quite honest, its sort of a bribe to get my husband in bed. Then I can just watch it the next day if I want. Eddie knows I will throw a fit around 12 and say its time to go to bed. But we have to shower first and then its around 1 went we make it to under the covers position. GUYS thats not dirty. Keep in mind we watch TV on my laptop like every night.

Why do we like TV so much? Really, I can get addicted to any and every show. On my friend Liz's fitness blog theres an article about ending your obsession with chocolate. But how do you end your obsession with TV? I get exercise, I really do, but we have to sacrifice our sleep time. Its like a vicious cycle, you stay up late to watch Chuck (or gossip girls, or ugly betty, or 24, or hereos, or whatever is on HGTV, or paris hiltons new BFF, you get the point...) and then you have to sleep in later, so you have to stay up later to fit in the TV. It goes round and round. But this new rule we have instated makes sure I'm asleep by 12 (because you know how TV shows sans commercials are about 40 minutes) and that leaves a minute to do sudoku if I'm not already out. Try it! It gets you to bed, even if your husband really believes he needs to be up until 2 every day.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Eddie's birthday was on 8/8 (saturday) and we had a good time. We started the day off by going to the Mt. Timpanogos temple (we are THAT good of people) and the started our day long date with Brian and Andrea Williams, which was oh so fun. We went to Cafe Anh Hong in Salt Lake for dim sum, because Eddie says its pretty legit there. I wouldn't know. I just trust the Asian to know what good Chinese food tastes like. Then we went to The Gateway for a little shopping before going back to Provo. Then, we all drove up to Sundance for the Haglund/McMillan wedding. It was really beautiful, we had the best time. Thanks Chase and Emily! And the best part is the amazing tie I knitted for Eddie for his birthday! All by myself! I knitted it! Let me know if you'd like a little tie knitting help.

I told Eddie I wanted a picture of his tie so I could brag about it and this is what I got. I told Eddie it would do and then about 10 minutes later I thought "Hey. His tie isn't even in that picture." So I tried again. This is what we've got:

I'll leave it up to your imagination. Its a good tie.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eddie's Music Video Debut

The company Eddie works for, Anderson Studios (no, not Rubberball any more), was filming a music video for the band Location Location, and the guy who was supposed to "ride the bike" for the shoot couldn't make it so Eddie got to play the roll. I was going to post the picture that Eddie sent me from his camera but it turns out my friend Jessica was the still photographer for this shoot so -- thanks Jessica. Your pictures are grreeeaatt!
So here he is. I told him I don't this he should rock this look for fun.

The concept was that he was riding a bike and the guy from the band jumps on for a lift so he could get to a show he was playing.

I really like that picture. I'm excited to see the video.
Eddie's friend/coworker Isaac got dressed up like a bum and I'm really impressed with it. He turned out totally believable!