Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New York

It was an interesting trip. You know what happened the first time I went to NYC? I saw a guy beaten in China Town with a hammer and then have a gun pulled out on him and later that night, at a broadway show, someone died during intromission. An audience member had a heart attack and they paramedics came in and tried to revive her right there. So needless to say I was traumatized by New York. So this trip was better; no one was hit with a hammer and no one died. So thats good. Here are pictures:
That was
Jordan and Karli's cute apartment

It was cute, but it was also the smallest apartment in the history of mankind. I will never complain about the size of my apartment again. Ok, that right there was a lie, I'm sure I will.

This is Dance, one of my favorite horses of all time. I told Eddie he should be worried about him because Dance also has a piece of my heart...

This little horse is Elle. We went riding all over Pennsylvania.

This is Elle's twin sister Empreza with her little owner, Dahlton.

My mom and I saw this on the way out of town, it is sooo pretty in the east right now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Eddie gave me one of his new business cards, and it says:
Eddie King
Director of Creative Intelligence

I think we should all address my husband as "Eddie King, DCI"
Does that sound official or what?! They even call the head of the CIA a director of some kind of intelligence. I think Eddie's pretty cool.

Speaking of Eddie, he has left me. He went to NYC for some conference for work. But guess what...I'm so lonely without him that I'm going to him. So tomorrow, my mom and I are going on a red eye to NYC. And I get to see my BCFs(Best Cousins Forever)Karli and Jordan too and I am so excited.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Melt Away Fat

The diet that is guaranteed to work! You could lose 30 pounds in just one month! Get yourself ready for the up and coming coat season! There is just one easy step! Ram your face into a door jam. After this, you will surely get a massive canker sore and can have canker sore induced anorexia as your will never desire to put food in your mouth for a while. You can just drink smoothies!

Side-effect include:
Light-headedness from malnutrition
Swollen face at sight of canker sore
Irritability (just ask Eddie, it happened)
Dry heaving from not eating (definitely could have happened!)
Many other canker sores (they spread)
Tiredness from poor sleep
Desire for real food

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

over a week...

Well guys, its been over a week since I posted. I apologize, its just that nothing interesting has happened. If you want be me to post about the dumb or weird things Eddie does, I could have a blog just about the antics of crazy Eddie.
Nothing is new, we haven't started our house yet. If we had, you would have to look at 56464 pictures of that, so get ready. So the most exciting thing that happened is this: The other day I was driving home and I was thinking "man, my mouth is doing really good, I am canker sore free for a couple days" and then I got home and promptly ran my face smack into a door jam. It hurt so bad. Don't do it. I think it might have hurt more cuz my brain isn't secure in its place. So after, my lip was totally bleeding. And you know how if you get an injury it often turns into a canker sore. The next day I had the biggest canker sore. I guess thats nothing out of the ordinary. But seriously, I think its the worst one I have ever had.