Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoulder Surgery

Gets who gets his 4th shoulder surgery?! None other than my spectacular husband, Asian Eddie!

This was his city league football game a few weeks ago. The previous game he yanked his shoulder out of the socket so he was on the sidelines for a lot of the game. The other time he pulled his shoulder out of the socket since we've been married was at the ward dodge ball game.

I want to contrast this picture with the picture that was taken when he shot himself in the wrist with a nail gun.

Well, he does look a little more pained in that picture, but its the same sad, pathetic face. And the same so stylish head band!

Monday, September 29, 2008

cha cha cha!

I think I went to the best bridal shower; maybe even better than my own. Well except I got the presents!

Anyway, Andrea Faulkner is getting married and I am so excited for her! And we're going to be in the same ward! Her sister, Alison Faulkner Robertson, threw her an incredible party. Those Faulkner girls really do know how to party. I'm surprised the margaritas weren't spiked! No, seriously, they don't mess around.

They even had a man who knows how to sexy Latin dance come teach us some moves. I do not dance, but if I did I totally imagine how great it would be. I took the Social Dance class at BYU (at the requests of my doctors, thats IT) and we learned the Cha-Cha and I really just stood in the back and flailed my arms. The other dances I could do, but the Cha-Cha was rough. So I didn't even care to try again. If I were to be "Made" on MTV I would be made into a dancer, but thats not realistic, guys. It just won't happen. It can't happen. You know how your Mom tells you that you can be anything you want, well those Moms LIE! And I could never play an instrument. Just ask the kids I played Cello with in the 5th grade, or my Mom who let me quit piano lessons because my practicing was trying upon the whole family. "Trying" puts it nicely. Pretty much I have NO rhythm. People think its a result of my accident. It really isn't. Maybe it got a little worse. "Poor girl! She has no rhythm because she was kicked in the head by a horse!" Oh no.

Enough with the rant about how you can not do anything you want. Here is a picture:

We even got panties as party favors. How fun is that?! Probably not as fun as it would be if I wasn't strapped down with my "special underwear."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well I told you I'm not posting any more pictures of my house. But this isn't of my house. It's the people who work on my house. See how much fun this is:

These men were getting ready to paint the interior.

Lucky for us, one of our new neighbor's Dads was an interior painter, by trade. So this one older man did pretty much all of our painting for us, except one house. But its not my house! Someone else can do it.

I know you can't tell who this picture is of, so I'll tell you. The short one is Eddie, with out neighbor Royce. They didn't need to put these suits on, they just knew how much fun it would be. I went to get breakfast, and came back, and THEY WERE PLAYING DRESS-UP! If you think you have the most mature husband, well we will have to duke that one out. MINE IS!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Anyone Else

I have a problem. Does anyone else have this issue? I've never heard of anyone with the same problem.

The first time this happened was when I was about 15 and I had stayed up all night and then slept in the day(Ani, remember that youth conference where we road home for St. George on a bus all night). When I was sleeping I woke up and was unable to move. I tried to yell for my sister, Kelsie, (who I shared a room with) but I couldn't. I felt like I couldn't breath. I move a small part of my body and pretty soon I can move more of my body. This has continued to happen ever since. When my sleep pattern is irregular, I'll have problems. Once it has happened, it will start to happen faster and faster. For example, if it happens once, and I wake up, and then try to sleep again, it will happen again in 10 minutes. And then I will try to sleep again and it will happen in 5 minutes, until I barely get the chance to go to sleep at all.

It concerns me now because it has changed. Eddie and my Dad have both experienced this inability to move, but not this new issue. Slowly, my heart has begun to "hurt." It feels like there a thousand lbs. on my chest or it stops beating. I wonder if this is a little panic attack maybe? It kept happening to me last night, which is the first time it has happened at night. I look a long nap in the afternoon, which I usually don't do because this "sleep paralysis" thing happens. However, it didn't happen until I went to sleep last night. I woke Eddie up so he knew what was going on when it got really bad and he asked if I could move right when I woke up. I'm not sure, maybe I'm so preoccupied with my heart I don't even notice if I can move when this happens. He also asked if I was breathing, like it may be sleep apnea. Again, I'm not sure.

Seriously, anyone else with these sleep issues?! It really sucks because it has a tendency to happen if I'm very tired, and then I can't sleep at all. Eventually I just give up on sleeping. I hate it! I'm so lost...lost with my hurting heart.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Close Call with The Wasps

Guys I almost died. Well, I've never been stung by anything, and that almost happened. Listen.

Yesterday I did a dumb thing. I had to defrost some chicken, so I thought "hey, why not stick it on a plate outside while I'm at work so it can defrost for a couple hours" (my works a joke; I'm not there for very long). I failed to remember that there happens to be a couple wasp nets out back that we have yet to take care of. Anyway, when I came home there was about 15-20 wasps on my chicken. I didn't notice this until I was outside, and apparently they are attracted to chicken like bears to honey (assuming bears like honey as much as they say). I ran back in to collect myself. Then, I saw a hand towel on the ground. What it was doing there, I don't know. We don't question, we just accept our good fortune. So I ran outside, grabbed it, and quickly ran back in to regain composure. Then, weapon in hand, I went back out swinging. I just kept swatting and swatting until they were all off the chicken (which I must say took longer than expected). I pulled it inside and went straight to the sink. After setting it down I realized that there was some black flying creature on the plate. There is no way it was coincidence; it came from outside. I'm not sure if it could sting like the rest, but I took immediate action. I turned the water on really fast and washed it down the sink. Chances are, it will swim its way back up the drain and sting my whole family and I. And my mom, who is allergic to stings, will die.

So after all this I looked outside again and saw about 30 - 50 wasps swarming around outside by where the chicken was. They must of went and warned the hive that there was an aggressor. Luckily, I escaped the situation unscathed.

Also notice this wasp picture is from I stock photo. A traitor I am! And here I am, making the post from a computer at Rubberball.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Technology can be rough...I'll admit it. I'm not very good with the latest items it all...but Eddie is so that helps. But technology has done some good things in this world. Think about MTV. We wouldn't have that without modern day technology. And the Hills. But I think the way that technology has been most influential is in the world of accessories. Pieces of technology have really played a big part in determining if one is well accessorized. Take, for example, the i pod. How un-cool were you if you didn't have an i pod? I would know- I didn't have one until recently. So I recently invested (well, not me. But voc. rehab. did for me) in a new phone/PDA. Check it out. How cute will I be with my new phone?! AND...it's PINK! Its the Blackberry Curve 8330.

Not to mention, with it's PDA capabilities, it will schedule my life for me. One minute at a time. That's the idea. That's why voc. rehab. bought it for me. After much much much convincing (with the help of Dr. Erin Bigler's psychology doctorate students). This phone will let me know RIGHT AWAY if I get a comment on my blog (which I fully expect many of those) without finding a computer to check.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I am one who is in to change-- I get bored if things are too static. I have to admit...Sometimes my desire for a change does not always end up positively. Take, for example, the time I thought my mind needed a little change so I had a horse kick me in the head. Bad idea. So I tried something new. I figured I can try as I might my whole life to get my hair to grow out, but it's not going to happen. Hence the extensions I put in for my wedding.

Its really never been past my shoulders. I have come to grips with the fact that I HAVE BAD HAIR. Which is partially why I married an Asian...so our kids will at least have a fighting chance. And I guess it had to do with the fact I was in love, but just kind of.

So I've given in. I cut it off!

And this has been one of my better attempts at change. I think this might be a permanent thing for me. It really is the easiest way to do your hair. The day of this picture I just showered, went to sleep with it still wet, woke up, and rubbed some product in it. And we can be honest here...it could look better if I put more time into it. Which I will do sometimes. But it is so much easier than having to learn to walk and talk again!