Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Couple Days

From thursday the 16th until monday morning the 20th, Eddie shot 3 commercials for a commercial campaign for a competition. Of course, it was all very good and we had lots of fun. Well, I had lots of fun, Eddie got thrown in gravel repetitively for his superhero commercial and got a couple battle wounds. Heres a picture of Eddie and his buddy Paul as superheroes.

When you've gotten over how hot my husband is in spandex, notice how good my pregnant skin is!

One of his spots involved LARPing (LARP = live action role play). Guess which talented girl sewed the main character's outfit for when he wasn't very professional. Then he becomes a very successful LARPer. So I sewed the before. 2 sems, and I cut a hole for his head. TAKE THAT! And Andrea Faulkner Williams and I sewed Eddie's Princess Leia robe for his Ke$ha video, so if you want any costume design, come to me! I am sooooo capable.

His 3rd commercial was about Paul becoming a professional dancer. Here he is setting up his website to promote himself.

And then, naturally, he becomes an excellent dancer. Here is Paul with a group of Jazz dancers who played the girls who helped him become so successful.

Now he just has to edit his 3 commercials...go Eddie. For the next little bit I'll be taking the role of a widow, or maybe the wife of a hermit, while Eddie sits in his office editing and I'm either down stairs watching Oprah reruns or sitting on my bed playing solitaire. If you want to do something, call me pleasssseeee.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It Begins

The decorating of the baby boy's room started today (I mean a couple days ago; Blogger wouldn't let me attach pictures so I had to wait a bit for it to be working again)!

Eddie always thinks I should "have a plan" before I start decorating stuff. I've tried to get him to understand that I don't work like that when it comes to putting a look together. That is why he is responsible for most of the decorating in our home. Remember when I decorated our master bedroom as a "surprise" for when Eddie got home from a 2 week work trip? The real reason is that I just wanted to start and see what happens, and he didn't want me doing that, so that is just what I did when he went out of town. It totally worked out.

So, moral of the story is, he isn't as concerned about my methods for decorating MY nursery. So, I'm just starting and we'll see what comes up. I just know I want to paint it gray. I think gray is the greatest neutral. I love it. What color doesn't go well with gray? Plus, I had almost a gallon of paint left over from our master bedroom, thats why the paint looks familar. This way, if I want to use the nursery again for if I have a girl next, I can just throw in some pink accents if I don't feel like painting.

Just so everyone knows what crib I want, this is one that I love. Its just so functional.

And its only a meager $1,600. Ha! Eddies going to have to win a couple more commercial contests for that! So that one won't work out, I'm thinking maybe having a capable, cheap carpenter make a replica, I really don't think it will be cheap enough to make it affordable even on craigslist. Ikea will probably be a more realistic option, less of a streatch, but a girl can dream, right?


The day after my last post about loving dessert I felt the need to make this following cake:

I took a picture because I wanted to show you how good of a baker I am. It took me almost all day...the dough had to rise and blah blah blah. It was a process. I was going to tell you all how good it was and how you HAVE TO MAKE IT, but, to tell you the wasn't good. I have a feeling it wasn't the recipe, it was just how I made it, so if you come across some cake recipe that looks probably is. I don't get it...I followed the directions! It looks just like the pictures in the tutorial! Oh well...I'll just stick with the just add water cookie and cake mixes...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cheeseburgers and Sugar

Guys, I'm considering getting off my butt and making myself chocolate chip cookies. Let me tell you about today-- I made a great little meal for dinner tonight. I made spaghetti squash and brussel sprouts and it was pretty wonderful. Eddie loved it. He ate his whole plate of food and got a second plate too. I, on the other hand, ate 3/4ths my plate, and told him that I was stuffed and that I couldn't eat any more. After that I got up and got myself a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Then we started watching a TLC TV show about this guy who was addicted to cheeseburgers. He made such comments as "Cheeseburgers are ruining my life," and we laughed and decided Eddie was going to make up an addiction to something like Vagisil just to get on TV. But then I told him that part of me got it; I literally feel sick if I eat very much "real food" and don't get what I really want. I actually feel completely full, like I'll be sick if I eat one more bite, but then I get dessert. There is something wrong with me. Then the next show came on and it was about this woman who has an addiction to sugar. I watched her, with my bowl of ice cream, and thought "at least I'm not that bad" because she doesn't mess around. Its sugar every hour of every day, and nothing else. But I also realized that I didn't think it sounded that horrible. I really feel withdrawals if I don't get dessert. And dessert with everything, including breakfast. The good thing about my eating habits, which I really believe makes me okay (tell me if it doesn't), I am always willing to try other food, and if I don't have to cook the food and clean up after it, I usually love the food and I'll eat a normal amount of it, as long as I can get dessert in. Do I have an eating disorder? I know that in some ways I am obsessed with food, which I do know is one of the symptoms.

And the worst part is that I am trying make sure my baby is healthy. But I do always buy Breyers natural ice cream. Partially because I can almost always find it half off, but mostly because there are about 5 ingredients, while still remaining VERY good. That way I don't feel too bad about myself for eating ice cream for breakfast. Cuz really, its just milk, right? My baby...they like milk, right?

AND I ATE LIKE 5 BRUSSEL SPROUTS! And a couple tomatoes from my garden and some spaghetti squash, also from my garden. I DESERVED THAT BOWL OF ICE CREAM! Am I normal?

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Talented Husband

We are so proud of Eddie! He shot and editted two commercials in about a week and a half and for two different commercial contests at and he won them both! I'm always amazed at how his mind works. He says how his eyes are so important and they are what make him different, but I think its his mind. He comes up with these commercial ideas in two seconds.

Here's Quizno's

And here is Sports Authority. You might have seen this one on TV if you live by a Sports Authority, they play it lots!