Sunday, December 26, 2010

I've Been Preoccupied by Baby Archie

I figured I better write this down before I forget, and we all know I can forget. I just don't think I can forget this night though. But I've realized its when I think I won't forget and don't take precautions to remember that my memory fails me. Also, better blog it before it becomes old news.

Thursday, December 15th I just went about my business. I went to the mall; I went to WalMart (WalMart can be even more miserable than it already it. Just try going there when you're in labor and don't even know it.) I felt like I was having more contractions than before, but I've been having contractions for months and had started dilating for at least 2 weeks, so I didn't really think it meant anything. My friend came over for a little bit. She just had a baby and she said she went to the hospital when her contractions were so bad she couldn't breath and she still had enough time that things were still under control. So I figured I clearly wouldn't be having a baby any time soon. So I sat down on my couch to knit and watch "The Challenge" on MTV. Within about 1 minute I had to get up and go to the bathroom. There was lots of blood involved (TMI, I know, get over it) so I was concerned something was not right. I texted Eddie who was on a photo shoot for work about 20 minutes away (It was about 8:30 now) and told him I was going to start packing for the hospital. I figured he'd be home in about an hour and we'd leisurely go to Orem Community. I could hardly get upstairs to pack because all the sudden I was being torn into a million pieces. I tried to pack, but its hard to do when you feel like you're dying. I tried to measure my contractions but its pretty much impossible. "Hold on body, we just need to write this down real quick, then you can shatter."

Eddie didn't get my text for about 15 or 20 minutes, but when he did he made record time getting home. He called his parents (who live close) to pick me up and take me to the hospital. They all got here at the same time. Eddie's packing involved him grabbing a handful of unfolded laundry, throwing it at his dad, who stuffed it in my half packed bag, and we ran out the door. Eddie did his best to time my contractions in the car but its kind of tough to do. Best he could figure they were 2 minutes apart. He pulled in to the hospital (I didn't let him park) and we went to the front desk. We had pre-registered, but Eddie was giving them basic info, like my name. I was busy having a contraction. All the sudden, my water broke, all over my pants, shoes, and the floor. That JUST HAPPENED. I looked up and told the receptionist. She looked over the desk, said "yup, I think you're staying" and got a wheel chair. Then a nurse or something (I don't even know) checked my cervix (which felt like she was counting all of my baby's fingers and toes; Very painful) and said I was 9.5 cm. dilated. They called the anesthesiologist, but it was too late for an epidural. So he gave me a spinal block. I believe its just faster moving. Faster to start working and faster to wear off. 30 minutesish later my midwife showed up, she "checked" me again, and said it was time to start pushing. This went on for about an hour and a half, with lots of tearing and all that lovely stuff. My midwife asked if I wanted an episiotomy, I declined the offer, but she eventually said there just wasn't enough room for him and I gave the Ok. I gave one 2 second push, and then he was here. Should have done it sooner. He was perfect. Eddie was and still is perfect with his son. It made me cry a little. Partially out of jealously because Eddie got to look at and play with baby Archie while I got sewed up for an hour. He came before midnight that night of chaos. I'd so much rather it be a bit too fast than too slow, staring at the walls for a whole day wondering when he'd come.

I think if you read that whole post you deserve some pictures. Either Eddie or Tyler Marshall took the pictures (he was a star, coming down after cleaning up the photo shoot and hanging out at the hospital until we were ready for visitors.)