Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calling All Mothers

I was wondering: When do moms stop watching trashy TV and listening to music with questionable lyrics? Because this I know for sure-- my mom wouldn't watch those shows or play that music. I know how it is for me. When Archie isn't in the car with me its like "Hallelujah! No censor!" and Eminem goes wayyyy up. Within the weeks following bringing Archie home I sat down on the couch once while he was napping and turned on "The Challenge" on MTV (the episode I was in the middle of watching when I realized I needed to go to the hospital) and my mom just sort of laughed to herself. I've wondered, are moms closet Jersey Shore watchers? When does it stop?? Because there must come a point. My mom NEVER blasted Katy Perry.

Then I realized, I believe its just because society has changed. My mom wasn't kidding when she said she'd watch "I love Lucy" as a kid. When I say I watched "The Simpsons" as a kid, I guess its the same thing. That music that she'd get excited over that was SO TAME was really what she listened to. When my parents say they love Pink Floyd, that was a little rebellious. I guess me being excited over watching The Bachelor or Desperate Housewives is similar to my mom watching "her soaps" during the day when her kids were at school. So maybe that is why my mom seems so much more mature in her media choices.

So that brings me to my next question: How does my generation handle it? You friends of mine who are moms to older kids than I, when will it stop? When the kids can start repeating it? When your daughter can ask if she can wear clothes like the Bachelorette?Or does it ever stop? Because I really don't want it to. Are you just excited for your kids to go to school so you can turn on the ridiculous show? Because I'm thinking thats the best option.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lets Clear the Confusion

Yayyy!!! There is some confusion, but yes, Eddie did win the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Contest. Sometimes this is forgotten because we did not win a million dollars (a sort of unrelated prize) but Eddie still had a commercial shown in the super bowl to be seen by about 120 million people. That is HUGE. When Eddie's commercial was shown it was such a high, we were all so thrilled, but when the results were tallied up after the game and we didn't win the million, this depression settled when everyone forgot about the original big accomplishment. We only got a couple hours of excitement and I couldn't even talk to Eddie then! They took everyone's cell phones away in the box at the game so no one could find out the current results of the Ad Meter and know if any of the winners would also win the million.

There seems to be this sadness hanging around, this dark mist, because there's no million dollars. I feel like we forget that Eddie and his buddy were the winners of a contest with about 4,500 other entrants. To be honest, when we're talking rationally, we realize that winning a million dollars this way would bring with it SO many problems. Already, some "true colors" came out just from this small amount of publicity that we'd hope would never show up. I could only imagine how difficult things could be if money was involved.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lets Talk

Ladies, can we talk about breast feeding? I need to say that whoever says its "beautiful" or "wonderful" is smoking crack. Eddie says he thinks its beautiful because it shows how willing I am to sacrifice for Archie and it shows how much I love him. I thought when I shoved a square through a circle I was showing my willingness to sacrifice. I know I'll be sacrificing for this cute guy for my whole life, BUT COME ON! Can we stop with the physical pain?? When can I be done proving my love?! And in those few moments where it really doesn't hurt, which are actually getting pretty frequent (I'm a dramatic person), its just the most obnoxious thing. I feel like its akin to Chinese Water Torture, just something repetitive and so .... dang ... annoying. Not to mention when this yanking is going on there are most likely dishes in the sink that you can't stop thinking about how they need to be put away. Please, tell me it will get better! My baby is 6 1/2 weeks old, will it ever completely stop hurting or will I ever feel like my life revolves around anything besides my breast pump again?!?!

But then he looks at me with these eyes and I stop my complaining.