Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry No Post...

I have been SUCH a blog slacker. And let me tell you why. I haven't had my BYU RB job so I haven't had time to waste at a computer. Well, for now, I am back, at least until august 9th. Let me show you some of my main life events. Notice, not all of my life events. Some of you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, just ask me about my biggest life event. I'll tell you. Actually, I really like to talk about it, so PLEASE ask. I just don't think its a good idea to share my private life with the world wide web yet, for some other reasons.

We planted a garden. We're trying the idea of growing and nourishing things. We better be good.

Let me tell you what we've got: A tomato plant, lots of pepper (bell, banana, jalapeƱo...), 1 carrot (the rest died), cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, 1 cantaloupe, and 1 spaghetti squash. We also have basil and chives.

Eddie also built me a chicken coup.

For a while we would just let down Miley and Mariah's ramp and let them eat bugs all over our yard. BUT, they started pestering around in our garden, so we caged them in. Unless sometimes I can go outside and watch them while they run around. So, Eddie put chicken wire around the bottom. He did such a good job. There are wheels so we can easily move it, and a handle on one side, and both sides open up for easy access to clean their roosting area.

You can pull the string so their ramp goes up. We put their ramp up every night and close them up because we have 'coons in our neighborhood and we couldn't handle something happening to our little chickies. Its really pretty fancy for our chickens. They keep me occupied...

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm A Big Kid Now

I was realizing that when I was little (about 5) I had two big measures to tell me if I was big. I've long since passed them up, so clearly, I am a big girl. Here they are:

#1 When I was big, my butt would cover the entire hole in the toilet seat when I went to the bathroom. I bet my little bum was so cute then.

#2 When I was big, I could sit in my dad's firebird in the back seat with my back all the way against the seat and my feet could touch the ground. In case you're not one of the lucky ones to have driven that car, I'll give you a visual of the Firebird.

That car is my dad's firebird. He bought it from his big sister when he was 16 and its still sitting in his garage now. That car is the one material thing that has always been in my life. Now, I can't sit in the back seat of that car without hitting my chin with my knees. I'm not sure when I could start touching the floor, but I can!

Let me tell you about going to seminary in that car. Its cold outside. Its like 5 in the freakin morning in southern california. Freezing, I tell ya. Then you get in the Firebird and you are toasty warm by the time you get down the block because it has two big heater vents, one on each side for the passenger side and drivers side. That car is so small that it doesn't take much. An unparalleled heating system!

Its so precious to me that I can remember trying to reach my feet all the way to the floor on my way home from church with my family when I was 5, going to seminary in that car, and I remember being the first one to crash it on my way to go see my horse, Khya, and here I am on my wedding day. That car is so special to me.