Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We all thought that below picture of Patrick Swayze was just beautiful, right? Well heres a better one.

k thats fuuny.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze

According to the news feed I have on igoogle, Patrick Swayze died (of pancreatic cancer if you didn't know thats what he had). How would I know about the pancreatic cancer? Well, two reasons. 1. I love dirty dancing. 2. He had this really cool horse that I really liked, so by association, I really liked Patrick. I was THAT kid....the one who would go come to HS with horse crap on her shoes. The one who had a subscription to Arabian Horse Time AND Arabian Horse World. The one who joined 4-H because that was the only way she could ride.

So, on one of my many journeys through an above mentioned Arabian magazine, I saw this horse, Tammen, and I thought he was pretty cool.

I know what you're thinking: "Bree, you really just like Patrick's hot back muscles."

Not even true! I saw some other pictures of Tammen that I liked and then just now, upon further research, found this picture, and I thought "HEY! Thats cool!!" So I wonder where Tammen is now? Who did Patrick leave him to? Thats my biggest concern...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

district sleeps alone tonight

We went to DC over Labor Day weekend to see Eddie's parents before they leave to ABU DHABI! We really had the best time possible. For Eddie, food was the big draw. He really missed that. So we intermixed food and site seeing for me, since I hadn't been to DC since I was about 8. And we did a little visiting of Eddie's Virginia friends. Here are some pictures:

When we got there we pretty much went straight to the Crab Market.
The next day we went to what Eddie called "The Mall." Thats not the usual kind of mall that I go to.

I think this was at the Korean War Memorial? I'm sure I knew what it was then...I was so sad...

Then we got the BEST burgers with Aubrey and Joe at a place called Rays Hell Burger. We forgot to get a picture.
Then that night we went to the white house and that was fun! We had to go late that night because we went on an West Wing tour and we could only go when the President had left for the night.

Our tour guide, he was the man, let us take a picture in front of this seal even though we weren't supposed to. The security guards got mad at as.

They said that during the day there are 2 guards standing at this door so Eddie and I thought we were really funny reenacting it.

We went to the Smithsonian and this is pretty much the only thing I wanted to see...The Hope Diamond. They call it the Hope Diamond because every girls hopes she can have a diamond that big.

We got Eddie some hot wings from a place called "The Wing Factory" I think? He loves wings.
The day we left we went to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. It was really special. Its one thing to go to memorials of things that happened before you were born and another thing to go to a memorial of something you swear happened yesterday.

Have you seen enough pictures? What? you don't think I should post more?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Remember that car that I thought was so wonderful? Well the car guy said that the transmission in crapping out and my only option is to replace my transmission or get a new car. This is all a bit of a surprise seeing as it has less that 83,000 miles and I only bought it like 8 months ago and we took it to a car place and they said the car looked totally fine. They actually said it was an extra great car.

To be honest, that car makes me feel so good. I couldn't imagine a better car. Plus, well....its just an overall incredible car. I don't want to loose it. Yesterday, when the mechanic told me this, I got in my car, and drove away, and almost cried. I feel like every time I get in it, its just one more time I drive it until its gone. Like I'm driving in to its car grave. I guess thats true with any car though. I think it would be worth it for me to just get that transmission fixed. But, according to the one mechanic, it would almost cost the same amount as it did to buy the car. My dad said that that was a ridiculous quote, and I looked it up on google, and those sites told me how ridiculous that mechanics quote was. I know all you readers are probably girls like me and you wouldn't know, but maybe you've had to have your car's transmission fixed or you wouldn't mind asking your wonderful husband how much it would cost. Presuming your husband is all up in the car biz.

So yeah, a transmission for a 2002 Audi Allroad. I don't know if it matters but it has less that 83,000 miles.
HELP ME! Maybe I should post this question on Yahoo Answers too.