Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Camp

So Eddie and I are the current ward activities chairs. This weekend we had the annual ward camp out (I brought my camera to take pictures for you guys but it was out of batteries). Now keep in mind this was planned before we were called. Camping was NOT our idea....neither of us are not even close to outdoor people. So we've been trying to tell people they should come but the only reason we were going was because we had to. It was a lot of work but we finally got it done for the weekend but first I received 6 (count them) kancer sores from stress.
But here is the big surprise....we really had fun. To our great relief, we actually liked it. It was good for us to get to know more people in the ward because almost of all the old people have moved or are moving (thats you Cooks and Shannon). There are a lot of really cool people in our ward so it was fun fun fun.
I wish I had pictures to show you Eddie and I camping. Trying to figure out the tent and was funny. I'm pretty sure Eddie is less outdoorsy than I (Bree) am.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I got tagged...and now....TAG, you are it!

4 jobs I have had:

1. Locker Room Attendant
2. Horse Trainer
3. Horse Poop Picker-Uper.....that last one whole day
4. Banana Republic Sale Associate

4 movies I could watch over and over again:
1. Best in Show
2. The Black Stallion- This is NOT fair! They obviously did not take into account those who have had serious brain injuries. They forgot about those who can watch the same movie every day of their life and forget about it right away. Both of these movies are pre-injury. Everything I've seen lately are totally forgotten the next day.

4 places I have lived:
1. SJC, CA
2. Irvine, CA
3. Provo, UT
4. Rancho Carillo, CA
...thats it

4 favorite tv shows:
1. 24
2. Heroes
3. Oprah
4. Making The Band 4, The X-Effect, Cribs, or whatever is on MTV after I shower

4 of my favorite places I have been:
1. Shanghai, China
2. London, England
3. Lake Powell
4. Beijing, China

4 favorite foods:
1. Sushi
2. Mochi Ice Cream
3. Clam Chowder from Fishermans with Ani
4. Creme Brulee

4 websites I check daily:
1. gmail
2. Blogger
4. Craigs List

4 favorite hobbies:
1. Blogging
3. Being a wife stuff (like laundry and cleaning and cooking)
4. Watching Eddie be a rock star

4 places I would rather be:
1. At my graduation
2. Living in Shanghai
3. Sleeping
4. In a house where I can put holes in the wall, paint, and have room for an extra tissue box if I want

4 friends I would like to TAG--YOU'RE IT!!
1. Karli
2. Jordan
3. Shannon

Friday, July 13, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogging is my life

Ok, when I was walking to work (in the woman's locker room in the RB where I don't do anything) I received personal revelation. I should do a blog just on MTV shows. Thats how much I watch MTV. Maybe another one about Dr. Phil and Oprah and how that changes my life.

I can already see that I am getting addicted to posting blogs. Kind of like AIM but for older people and less for trying to get with a person. Cuz I will admit that is all I used it for.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Round 2

So Eddie is "jamming" with some buddies right now and I have nothing to do except watch My Super Sweet 16 so here I am again.

I wonder how everyone's blog looks so cool. Maybe if I wasn't so computer illiterate I could make it look neater. Just wait until Eddie gets his hands on it and you will see the best blog ever (and you think I'm kidding).

This apartment looks as though the annual running of the bulls actually took place in here, and here I sit, alternating between blogging and solitaire (one of my life's greatest joys, right after sleeping). Ok, maybe it isn't that messy in here, but I'm a moderate organizational freak. Our Edward just wanted to keep his books on his side of the bed but I wouldn't let him because it "wasn't aesthetically pleasing and there wasn't a proper place for books." Eddie would like to live a normal life but his wife is crazy. Yeah right, we all know Eddie as the most unique person there is. He can't even get married without his fiancee getting kicked in the head by a horse (that is my excuse for anything I have done that was mean or is wrong and for any solitaire failures). You know when you were a kid and the teacher had you do "free writing?" I'm pretty sure that is what I am doing.

I wish I were telling you about something more important but I'm struggling. So more China pics and stuff. One is when the King family was flying to or from Hong Kong from Beijing at Christmas time. Both Kendall and I were doing Sudoku, another love of mine, sort of like solitaire. We have no pictures from the more recent China trip because with Eddie's job, we don't take photos. They are all done by a professional photographer, and I don't have access to them unless I am at his work. Maybe pictures from the more recent China trip and France later (did you hear that, we're world travelers). The other pic is the very cheery King boys and I. I know I was excited to be there!!! I think they were too but they just don't show it as well.


This blog thing is new. Everyone says we need to try it. So here we are.

The big question is if our life is interesting enough that everyone would really care what we have to say. Eddie and I both will admit that our lives are pretty uneventful, as any life spent in Provo, Utah is. Eddie works every day and I just go to school. Every night, we get ready for bed with MTV or VH1 on in the background. A show will come on and we'll get addicted and stay up until 2 AM. The show will be something like The White Rapper Show or The X Effect. If we're lucky its Real World.

But, really, we are just in Provo. In August, we are going to Denver for his brother, Bandon's, wedding. Eddie parents are coming from China to go to the wedding and to drop their youngest son, Ryan, off at college! He is going to the big B Y so all King and Everson children will be in Utah.

So we had some really exciting trips to China this year. One in December and January for Christmas, and the second in June for Eddie's job. Poor boy was working horrid hours and I was sleeping in and shopping with his mom (when we were in Beijing) or other wives. We're going back in December again. I could talk about China for days.

Well, I think thats enough for now. TTFN ("ta-ta for now" for anyone who is not a 6th grade girl).