Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Want

Maybe I should name the title of the post "things I don't want" and it would be shorter.

Today I was driving and I looked around me on the road and thought "remember when I really wanted a black mercedes SL convertible?"

And then I thought "do they even make those anymore?" You know why I have no idea? Because I live in Utah and I never see them. Remember when I live in "the OC" and you'd look around the freeway and you'd see 10? Oh how things have changed. But I must say I'm not sure I could be happier with how my life is going. So yeah, black Mercedes SL...actually, you know what, like I said...things have changed. Maybe a 2 passenger speedy little car isn't for me now that I have a very fragile brain and far off dreams of being a mommy. Maybe I should realize that I DO have my dream car for right now. Nothing beats the Audi Allroad.

Another thing I want.... K this one is a bit of a stretch. Get ready for this...Oh wow I'm kind of embarrassed to admit...

Sid Vicious. Is it so weird that I have this unexplainable crush on him? I think its a legitimate thing because he's dead. There's nothing bad about liking a dead guy because nothing can ever happen. Plus, its like the strange crush you have on some boy in HS because he's the bad boy and you've never done anything bad in your life. And you really don't want it when it comes down to it and you only want the good boys. Why would I have a crush on the skinny white boy who obviously has drug problems?

I am SO honest in this blog. Ever since my injury I've developed a serious honesty problem. I know it would be better to not even say some things you think. One of those things would be: I have a silly crush on Sid Vicious. whatever...I know you're all thinking the same thing. Who do you have this unexplainable weird crush on? You'll feel better when you admit it. I know I do.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wish list

I really want this, and I don't even mow the lawn! But you know why I want it? Because I have heard enough gripes about how mowing is so horrible. I would do it, but, well, it's a man's job. And I agree with my Dad when he said that its "weird" when women folk mow. It is NOT like voting! We don't fight for the right to mow. I'm sure it took a lot to get the men to believe that women can't do it. I'm sure THAT was hard work!

Anyways, I digress, this is what I want:

They're making these automatic lawmowers, most of which are solar powered. They're like the roomba vacuums (another thing I want, but I vacuum and I don't whine. About that at least.) Theres this electric fence thing that you install (kind of like the dog collars that shock when they leave you're yard) so that it doesn't get carried away and mow its way to the next county. Let me know if you'd like to donate to the fund!

Monday, July 13, 2009


On Saturday Eddie helped with a gymnastics film shoot in Lindon. He also helped with another one a couple weeks ago. I want my girls to do gymnastics. Well, of course, I prefer that they ride horses, but I intend to give them lots of options of activities, and I think gymnastics will be one. The little girls who were in the shoot were all so skinny and buff and flexible. They could do THE SPLITS! I'm serious when I say I try to do the splits about once a week, and of course, I can never get anywhere close to doing it. So I just stretch for a little bit, so that next week when I try I'll be all ready to go. I'm not kidding. Its a never ending cycle. I just think the splits are so cool. I'm just very naturally inflexible, in so many ways.
I did gymnastics I think when I was around 5 for one year I think. We just got to the point where we were working on somersaults. I wish I had gotten pretty good at it and that I kept my stretching up. Eddie's pretty flexible naturally. I wish I had taken some pictures of the shoot myself. I won't see anything from that shoot for probably atleast 6 months.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Its Official

I took the blood test at the Dr. and I'm NOT pregnant. Not that I ever thought I was, its not like I would have blogged about it if I thought there was a chance I was. Sorry guys, I'm not THAT open. So we've reached a real problem...whats wrong with me? Boys, its not gross. Its just my health we're talking about here. My Dr. obviously wasn't too concerned, he had other patients to get to. So I'm having to turn to the internet to answer my medical questions. I'm pretty sure this is EXACTLY what Dr.s don't want you to do. Maybe I'll find my way to a gyno cuz its not the family Dr.s thing. I do want babies SOME day (eventually)-- I don't want to find out I have uterine cancer or something bad and dramatic when its too late...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I thought Provo's Freedom Festival deserves its own post, cuz you know...I've lived here for 5 years, and especially because its one of Utah's biggest festivals.
We live right off center street, and its a pretty big deal for "downtown" Provo. At the corner of University Ave. and Center Street they have this carnival thing, with your typical fair food and carnival rides and such. People are running around like crazy, with stupid drivers and lots of J-walkers. I'm surprised I didn't kill anyone on accident... And they have some run, which just by the name you know that I'm not involved, and at night they have the stadium of fire. This year, we only went to the fair thing and had some good food and walked around. There is also this big parade that goes around Provo, including right down center street. Tons of people camp out for their prime parade watching spots. We hate parades. People would ask what we were doing on the morning of the 4th, and we would tell then that we were only doing things on our side of center street; there just is NO way to get past security and parade chaos all morning. This year we used a car to block our drive way and last year, durning building, we spray painted a sign to keep people from parking on our lot. Apparently on some streets people would park like it was a parking lot all down the street so no one could drive. People don't mess around when it comes to the parade. I just don't understand the draw.
But despite all the hassle that comes from the parade and all other festivities, it feels good to be a part of this. I love this country, and I really love seeing a pack of 50 motorcycles driving up and down the street.

Also, thanks for all the support with the BMI. I think my old boss, Ashleigh Smith, was the only one that believes me when I say that I am NOT pregnant, and that it must be another problem with my body. Thanks Ashleigh, for being a believer.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This blog is about to get personal. REAL personal, REAL fast. Girls, I've got a question for you. My period is 2 1/2 weeks late. I know what you're thinking-- I am NOT pregnant. First Response told me that. And also, well this blog is personal enough, I'm not going to tell you the other big reason. So that leads me to this problem: there must be some unhealthy reason why. I might make a dr. appointment, but he'll just tell me that I need to gain some weight. Let me tell you the 2 huge problems with that theory.

1. GAIN WEIGHT?! are you kidding me???
2. Remember when I was in a coma? I got my period then, in that state. Which- lets talk about that- is DISGUSTING. I asked Eddie if I had my period in the coma and he said Yes. I asked what they did about it and he said he didn't know. "The nurses took care of it." So I googled it and it looks like no one wants to talk about it. Its that gross. And then the next month, when I was still in the hospital but not in a coma, I had it again, even when I was 20 lbs. lighter. Thats not a good look for anyone. I have not missed my period once in my life, no matter what I weighed. Plus, Nicole Richie got pregnant. Period.

So heres my question for you: Can a girl have her period fine, and then one day her body decide its BMI is too low? Its 16. I know thats low but it was 16 before and I had my period.

I only eat when I'm hungry and it's convenient, which probably doesn't happen as often as it should. Not to mention I have chronic canker sores, and eating only hurts them (and makes me want to die). If a dr. wants to help a girl out (which they never think is a real problem), I might gain weight. But until then I'll remain on my diet of Costco berry smoothies and marshmallows.

If you can let me know about the period/BMI thing, please let me know. If you have no idea, well thats fine. Just bring me some Peeps.