Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Thanksgiving

1. I fainted on thanksgiving once. First faint ever. I was scared.
2. I threw up my thanksgiving dinner. My uncle and cousin came to my house for thanksgiving when they had the stomach flu and they gave it to me! I didn't know about it til mid heave.
3. I got braces the day before thanksgiving...That sucked.

But, I still love thanksgiving! But not because of the food (it was gross this year). I just love family...I had so much fun. Eddie and I went to St. George for a family reunion. So fun! Emoticon beware...:)

We were actually considering playing football in this cemetery on a pretty open part of it...just a head stone or two in the way

Eddie got dressed all by himself...yay!

Lots of the girl cousins that are my ageish. Left to right, Berit Green, Jamie Everson, Jordan Green, Grandma Barbara Everson, Me, Karli Haglund, my sister Kelsie Everson, and Heidi Haglund

Here we are going to play football. My mom suggested Eddie and I ride in my handicap cousins van because there was a bench seat, and we could neck.

Does my cousin have the cutest little girl ever? I submit that he does.

And here she is again in a purse...

Eddie was playing with my other cousins kid Boden, isn't he a cutie?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Got Tagged

1. I got this strange obsession with dead people. I love murder mysteries. I totally get addicted to Unsolved Mysteries and those type of shows. I know thats weird...maybe kinda creepy...
2. If I were to be "Made," I would be made into a dancer. I've always been the most uncoordinated person there ever was and then they took the coordination part of my brain out, and its pretty bad. I am intrigued by people who can dance, because I can't.
3. I get so excited about family reunions. I love them so much! I think I have the coolest family ever.
4. My favorite cars is the Mercedes G Class. I love them. I want one. Wanna donate to a fund?

5. I don't sweat really. Except for at night in bed. Seriously, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and the sheats and my PJs are drenched. Its gross. And Eddie says I swaddle myself really tight in my blankets.
6. When I was a kid I did this thing called (...this is so embarrassing...I can't believe I'm saying this) Sim Horses where you would create, well, sim horses, and then you show and sell and breed them and buy new ones. And I loved it.
7. I'm not gonna put another because I'm saying stupid stuff that makes me look like I have no life. Which I don't.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

When All Else Fails...Post About The Hubby!

Its kinda sad...When I can't think of anything else to post about, I just think of the last ridiculous thing Eddie did. Which is super easy when his company is a photography company and there are so many pictures, especially cuz hes Asian and his company uses him as a model all the time because he gives the pictures a minority feel. Everything is documented. Also, Eddie does funny things every single day. I just think this is a weird picture:

Now Eddie looks gay:

And now whats he doing? Check out that leg extension...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Know You're Held in Suspense

Ok I will tell you. You will never believe what it was...A miniskirt. Can you see the miniskirt? Yeah...I didn't think so. Revelation was involved for sure for my team to get it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lets have a Contest

Ok guys, get ready. We're having a contest.
The other night I was playing cranium. Kandace Kvavle and Jessica Christiansen were on my team. We had a question where someone has to draw a picture of something with there eyes closed and everyone else on the team has to guess what it is. So I thought it sounded fun so I volunteered to draw. This is what I drew and they actually guessed what it was. So here is the picture I drew:

So here is the contest: you guys have until Wednesday to guess what the heck this is supposed to be. Leave a comment with your guess and if anyone gets it...which you won't...then you will be known as absolutely incredible. Then I'll tell you what it is!!!

I love Twilight

Thanks Ani for making me read it.
Naturally, I took the quiz. You guys have to understand:
I got kicked in the head by a freakin horse...I can't impress people with my mind anymore. I gotta work with what I got!

You're Rosalie - Image is important to you, you want to show off your best assets, and you have a lot of them- you think! You are also intelligent, which many people might not expect since you seem to be all about looking pretty. But deep down you're caring person that wants what most people in life desire: to be loved.

Take this quiz here

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok guys...check out this cool picture of Eddie. Hes being the cool army man on our far right. He and his coworkers dressed up for halloween and they documented it. It's a photography company...when don't they take pictures?! I bought this hat for my Halloween outfit and he put it on. He looked so silly I told him he had to wear it to work when they play Call of Duty. Lucky for him he was going to work on Halloween so he had a great excuse to dress up. He just dresses up randomly sometimes.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Guys I Really Don't Know the Last Time I Posted...

I am so boring. Really, I am. I notice I will have nothing to blog about until I have a baby...then the blog will blow up with pictures. Maybe I will take pictures off the internet of my "kid" and talk about it all the time. Even when I do have a kid, I'll prolly do what I do now and ALWAY forget my camera. Sometimes I'll remember to bring my camera but then I forget to take pictures. The "remember to bring a camera and take pictures" part of my brain was what was taken out. We can blame the boring blog to the horse who kicked me in the head. If I had pictures, you would think Eddie and I are retarded. We do dumb things all the time. Seriously, we had to come up with Halloween costumes really fast one night and we just wore Christmas outfits, cuz all we have is matching tacky Christmas clothes for Halloween.

Also, when we go to china this Christmas I will bring my own camera. Notice I still haven't posted pics of our trip to China from 6 months ago. I've seen them, they're good. Just they have to be edited still. I was a "model" for Eddie's company and they are making the pictures all pretty so when I post them, I will have big boobs and perfect skin (despite not wearing make up the day we went to the great wall). So here I am, free writing a stream of consciousness. My apologize for not posting or anything. I will repent and change...