Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Project

Eddie asked me to make him the star apron with matching gloves.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To say we are bored tonight is an understatement...
Fun with photobooth

Babywise, or Babyretarded?

First, I must say that I am so blessed with a very "easy," incredibly patient, so-cute-he-makes-everything-worth-it baby. I was all geared up to be up all night walking my kid all over the house until I could walk no more and then put him in the car to drive. Nope. None of that. Actually, I pretty much flat out refuse to stand up with my baby if that is what he'd like. Call me Rosa Parks...I expect to sit where and when I'd like. Not to mention he seemed to get it on the first night home that NO ONE MESSES WITH MY SLEEP, and if I don't want to be woken up, it usually takes some effort.

When I was expecting baby, I started getting educated in the raising of infants. I read 2 books. Thats enough, right? One was "The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg and the other was "On Becoming Babywise" by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam (funny that they are both guys). I started out trying the Baby Whiperer routine, but when questions arose and things got more complex, there just weren't enough resources. So, at about 1 month, Archie and I made the switch to Babywise. Didn't hurt that they are very similar concepts. But, even though it seems that there are lots more people around that implement Babywise and with the constant research I do on the Chronicles of a Babywise Mom blog (which is SO helpful!) I always seem to have some questions. Is there any one out there whos like a Babywise Pro, that I can bug with all sorts of silly questions? Like running errands with him asleep in the car seat...does that count as a nap really? And I think I'm doing it right, but should my baby really be sleeping this much (like mother, like son. He loves his sleep)? You know the people who like to tell you how to raise your kid...They think that its "unhealthy" to sleep this much. Wrong! Right? I need some reassurance that I am "on the right track."

Here is Archie's little routine that we aim for:

7:30 AM Up Feed
9:00 AM Nap
11:00 AM Feed
12:15 Nap
2:30 PM Feed
3:50 PM Nap
6:00 PM Feed
7:30 PM Bed
9:30 PM Feed (right to bed)
11:30 PM Feed (right to bed)
7:30 AM Up Feed

I understand that 7:30 AM is too early to wake up for most "normal" people, but I'm hoping he gets in the habit of getting up early because, although I don't take advantage of it myself, I feel like early morning time is a productive time to, say, go to the gym, take care of your chickens, finish projects...

Heres how lovely my Archie is.