Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Jack Bauer. What?

This weekend, Eddie and I got to go to Denver to go to Eddie's brother, Brandon's, wedding. He got married to his high school sweetheart, Brynn. It was fun because Eddie's parents and brother came in from China. Eddie's little brother, Ryan, is going to be a freshman at BYU so he is hear for a while.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Throat

Ironically, on Sunday I was telling Eddie and my parents how I like it when I have strep throat because when you swallow something scratchy, its like scratching a really good itch. Then yesterday, Monday, I swallowed a over sized chip and I really did a number on my throat. So now its pretty sore and it feels like I have strep. I take it back...I hate strep throat.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


So I had the worst experience at Costco a little while ago. Costco is always a joyous occasion. When I was getting ready to leave, I was picking up a few hotdogs for Eddie and I. As I was putting toppings on them, a kid went running (thats right, running) to his dad in line telling him that he had thrown up. So I was hopping I heard wrong and I looked over to the eating area (dumb, I know) and discovered I heard right. So for most people this is simply a crappy blip in their day. But for me, my life has been ruined. Be happy I didn't take a picture for you guys! I'm terrified to have kids for 3 reasons.
1. People usually throw up when they're with child.
2. Some people throw up when in labor.
3. Kids throw up a lot. People try to disguise it by calling it "spit up" but we all know what it is. What if I said "when I got kicked in the head by a horse I spit up a lot" NO I threw up. So it scares me that people burp kids to get them to barf.
Also, its always the fat kids that throw up. Take today's case for example. Fat kid. If my kids start to get remotely big, I will tell that kid to "shape up or you will be a barfer and freak out those like me." My paranoia is pretty weird cuz I have probably thrown up twice as much as you. But I just CANT deal with it. Well I just cant think about much else today. You know when your bishop tells you that pornographic images never leave you? They are so wrong. It is throw up images that never ever leave you.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Post

So Ani is mad because she wants to see more thats what you get. Although there is not much new to talk about. So I free-write...
So the subaru keeps over heating (or getting really close to it) and we have taken it in to the shop twice and they say they can't get it to overheat. So I really just want it fixed. And I would like a car so I can get around. Even just a tricycle will do. My cousin has one and I would love one. Everyone whos anyone in Asia has one. I haven't tried riding a bike yet since the accident and I really don't care to find out if I can or not because I fear what will happen if I can't. So a tricycle and a tandem are all I can ride. Lets talk about how I was in the hospital in a coma and someone stole Eddie's tandem out of my garage. Is that the way to treat a hospitalized person?! And at that time someone broke me expensive hair straightener and didn't tell me or fix it. All I can say is...WTF

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Things I Want Out of Life

First, I was thinking of the things I want and I realized how little I want. Then, I noticed that I dream or one day being a white Oprah, but just the money because I don't want to work that hard. But, for right now I hope for a puppy. But, in order to have a puppy, I can't be renting a place cuz apparently, landlords don't like it when their tenants have animals. But some people have goals like "I want to run a marathon" and stuff, but thats too lofty for me. I just want a boxer. And my own washer and dryer would be nice since I'm always running out of quarters.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Living in the Limelight and Aug. 8th

So, Eddie and I decided to be 20 or 30 years older than we really are and go to the Rush concert yesterday. My dad bought the owner of Usana's box and he was paranoid about selling the rest of the tickets because its not legal so we spent the first half in the box with them. Talk about living in the limelight! I swear Rodney Dangerfield was right by us but no one else thought it was him. Close call. I planned to bring a camera to show so you could see how close we were but I forgot (thats what happens when your buddy got kicked in the head by a horse). Then at intromission (yes, they had one at a rock show), Eddie and I stopped living in the limelight and switched spots with Kelsie and Bret on the lawn. Boy, do those 50 year old me with gray ponytails know how to get high! The smell of weed was pungent. To tell you the truth, all I wanted to see was Limelight and Tom Sawyer, which, coincidentaly, were their first and last songs.
It was a great show (even though I am fat enough to break their fold out chairs and fell on my butt) and I don't think I've ever seen Eddie so blissfull, even counting when we got married.
Tomorrow, Aug. 8th is huge. It's Eddie's 29th birthday so make sure to wish him a happy birthday. Also, mark your calenders. August 13th is the season premiere of the Hills on MTV. I'm getting excited.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Caught in the Rain

Today, I was trying to walk home from class and it started to rain. A lot. So here is a picture of me as a drowned rat.