Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm just going to post this when its almost too late to ask for everyone's help with it, but I figured I should at least write this down. Eddie made a commercial that he submitted to a commercial contest to be played in the superbowl for Doritos, and his add was chosen as one of the top 5 finalists out of about 4000 entries! 3 of the top 5 will air during the superbowl, so our chances are pretty good. He filmed it with his buddy, Tyler Marshall, who was the Director of Photography while Eddie did the Directing. They are so talented! So the judges picked which entries would be the top 5 and now they are free to be voted on. No one can see how many votes any of them have, but we can see the number of views, are currently we're about 8000 ahead of any other contestant in number of views. That might not correlate with number of votes, but we'll take it! So voting ends at midnight of the 31st, and every person can vote once a day in two different ways: On your computer and from your mobile. The links are
No matter what he gets to go to the superbowl and they have some big party planned for all of the finalists. Hes going for a whole week, then all of the finalists go in a private box together to watch the game and commercials, and the people whose commercials play durimg the game win and the other people just go home sad. I think thats mean, but what are you going to do? So we're really proud of Eddie. We got the phone call letting us know he was a finalists just a couple days after we brought Archie home from the hospital. Talk about a good week! We love Archie! Hes the best. Here is the link to Eddie's commercial:

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of Archie that my cousin Jefra Linn took. Personally, I don't like this picture, I think it makes my baby look like a washed up old rock star, which is how I feel long hair makes any guy look. But most people like it. I'm sure the same people who are encouraging my husband.

Since that makes my baby look...ehhh...lets see if I can find a more "cute baby" type picture.