Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eddie's Adventures

We need some pictures from Eddie's travels from this month. Well--End of october till middle of november.

First- An announcement. My sister, Kelsie, got her mission call to a place that Eddie was driving through while Eddie was on his cross country trip while Kelsie opened her call. He took a picture while he was driving.

Any guesses? You guys are all wrong so I'll tell you. Ohio. She's serving in Cleveland and in the visitor's center in Kirtland. She's reporting to the MTC on Jan. 6th. If you don't know what I'm talking about and you'd like to know, why don't ya leave me a comment and I'll tell you about "another testament of Jesus Christ."

They shot the Lincoln Memorial at night.

This is the sunrise over DC

Eddie wanted to show me his plate of pasta...

Here is some bridge in NYC. I don't even know what one but its pretty!

Eddie went to Moab yesterday (monday) morning till tonight (tuesday.) I miss him. I just like to look at his shadow in this picture...

Here is Eddies coworker (the video photographer dude, Tyler Marshall) shooting an "arch within an arch!"


So I told you guys that I'd post a picture of my headband that I knit. The problem arises here--- the idea of posing for a picture alone is kind of creapy to me. I would feel like a FREAK dolling myself up for a bad picture. And I feel pressure to make it good if its something that can be good. If I just take it with my camera phone, then thats the excuse. Its a camera phone. Thats why its bad. Not to mention there is lots of pressure for me to be a capable photographer, with my husbands job and all. I feel like everyone and there mom is a capable photographer except me. Thats just not my thing. Knitting is my thing. KNITTING! So here was my plan to get a picture but not feel like it had to be good. I was going to bring my camera to my friend Shannon Cornelius' baby shower and take a group picture there. Keep in mind that Shannon already had her baby. Thats how late I am. Also, I got there (see! I really tried to use my camera, not just my phone!) but my camera was DEAD. Therefore, we still get a phone camera shot. You really can't tell what is going on. Here's a brief synopsis. There are girls standing around the beautiful shannon cornelius. Thats it. I'm in the front row kneeling down.

I'm going to CA for the whole thanksgiving week starting on Saturday. I'll going to bring 3 things. My camera, my computer, and my headband. THATS A RECIPE FOR SHOOTING PORNOGRAPHY! Guys I'll bring other stuff, but I'll bring those things for sure so you can see what my headband looks like from the view of other states.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I REALLY Did...

I'll show YOU what I really did while Eddie was gone.

I wish I had taken a before picture, because you'd never believe it. It was like an HGTV "reveal." I sort of wish I have videoed Eddie seeing the room the first time. My SO amazing cousin, Karli Haglund, helped me design this little place I like to sleep in. Its not like its really done, it could use some more furniture here and there, but it will do great for now.

I also finished knitting that headband. I'll post a picture later when I'm presentable enough to wear it for you guys. Pressures on! I've actually need to be cute now that I've raised your expectations.

I organized a little Halloween shin-dig. Andrea Williams and Alison Faulkner and I threw a little couples dance party. I feel bad because I swear I did nothing but rent a hot chocolate machine and stuff and they did so much. Eddie pulled in to town a couple hours before we needed to get ready and I sat him down to do his hair before our party. I'll show you some pictures from what he did while he was gone later, but this is a bigger deal.

Andrea and Brian Williams were Little Bo Peep and Woody and they also provided a GREAT location!

Here is Alison/Lady Gaga and her husband Coach Eric Robertson.

My brother, Bret Everson, was like a war hero and his girlf Kellianne was his woman who was waiting for him to come home on the pier. This was actually our great grandpa's suit. Don't they look smashing?!

It was a great time!