Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Facebook Thoughts...

WHY did I think it was a good idea? WHY did I think it was a good idea to add everyone as a "friend" if I really don't care what they're doing every second of the day but insist on letting me know. Whats with the pressure to have a high number of "friends?" We all know no one has 1,000 real friends. 1,000 acquaintances maybe, but we don't want our page bombarded with 1,000 comments every minute.

What else is going on besides facebook? Well school ended, and the state won't pay for me to go to spring/summer, and it seems like EVERYONE else is staying in Provo, so I can't have many work hours. So I'm pretty much just hanging out this summer, being a domestic housewife. Eddie said wives who lay out in the backyard are seen as sluts, so if I want a tan this summer I'll be getting a 7 peaks pass. And if you know anything about landscapping, and want to plan my landscapping, and are in Provo, lets talk. You make the plan, we'll pay for it. We've got to do that this summer. It seems so daunting.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


And he's my friend...

What Was I Thinking?!

Big mistake..I joined facebook. I know myself, and I knew if I did it I was very likely to become a little too addicted and never get anything done. But Oprah did it, and I figured if Oprah did, well why not me? And people always tell me to.

Here's the shocker...my husband won't even add me as a friend. So judge all you want, go ahead and think I'm not cool for not having many friends. My husband doesn't even want to be my friend.

Ya win some, ya lose some I guess. He thinks he's being so funny by not being my friend...but I hope you don't think thats very funny. So go look me up.

Oh, and don't worry. I only have 2 blogs and a facebook page. Don't you ever say I'm not working so hard to pass my 6 credits. Sometimes I make dinner too. Wanna talk about the TV shows I'm up to date with too?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Someone who is really, super close with God, you wanna let him know its THE MIDDLE OF APRIL!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Presets

We had the BEST time at the Presets at the Murry Theater on saturday.

They're an Australian electronic band that Eddie went to video and I learned a couple things.

1. Having a pizza makes you super popular! I had a pizza box left over (there were about 3 production crews and they all shared footage so they shared a pizza. There was one piece left that no one wanted and I went to find a trash can to throw it away) and people were just surrounding me. I felt special. And I think I should have learned that lesson earlier -- you know, bringing a pizza box to social functions so you can make friends.

2. Drunk people are really funny. I learned this a while ago, but I just had this research finding ingrained in me.

3. The crowd at a SLC electronic show is much different than just a Provo indie show. The drunks were so abundant! I thought it was fun.

4. Australians are really nice and very polite. There were a lot at this show and I liked them all. And I think the only way Eddie could be hotter to me is if he had an Australian accent. I'm not picky...it could be British, or New Zealand...you get the point.

5.The only way I know people is if they're related to me, or are close to my relative. My cousin, Landon Everson, was at the show along with his friend Quinn. And also my cousin's cousin (not Landon's cousin, either), I think 2nd cousin, Emily Haglund, was there with her boyfriend, Chase. But the lucky thing for me is that I have LOTS of relatives and they are everywhere, so thats where I find my friends. The only way I could make sure I didn't marry a man who was really my distant relative was to find one who was a totally different race. I know Eddie and I aren't going to be interbreeding!!

6. Eddie has a really good camera. Someone actually traded cameras with him because his was so cool. I can't believe he let them have it...

Monday, April 6, 2009


This is a kick. Eddie emailed me about it saying I must have already heard about it but I hadn't. So I'll share it with you guys.

I didn't catch the mistake at first, but read the caption under the picture of the Apostles raising their hands. Notice spellings of things.

It sure doesn't make Mormons look very good.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Last year I was tricked. What new? I'm pretty gullible. I really did believe Snoop Dogg was mormon.

But this time I was not!!!!!! I'm a little skeptical of everything today. Which is why I didn't believe this when I saw it, although it is pretty funny.

It's gmail's new program where it auto replys to the emails you get. You can even alter the number of typos and emoticon use.

Oh fun. I'm not buying it.