Friday, February 29, 2008

I made a new blog. This new one is just dedicated to my dear, wonderful, convenient Traumatic Brain Injury. If you are interested in life with a TBI or if you know someone who would be into it, spread the word. So thats my announcement! Its at

Eddies Favorite Accessory

Eddie has a new favorite accessory. Check it out and tell your hubbys to get one!

First, realize that this was Eddie's outfit to work the other day. But with this simple accessory, any normal button down shirt can have ruffles and become a tux shirt. Also, please notice the cute little floral pattern down the front. Here is how it works:

This post in loving memory of my Uncle Jon, who made this all possible.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was thinking as I laid in bed last night that I should start a book where we only read books that have Fabio on the cover. Sometimes, if we don't have time, we don't even read the book. We just talk about the cover. Take this for example:

We can meet and the deepest comment that I make will be "Well I believe that Fabio's right arm is slightly larger than his left so they should have done this picture the other way."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Love Frosting

Oh how do I love frosting. Seriously. But not as much as this kid.

This is my cousins kid Tristan. Eddie and I were at his birthday party. I had some chocolate frosting with me (I just carry that stuff around because I LOVE IT) and my grandma just said to give it too him because that all he'd eat anyway. So I handed him a can of frosting and his spoon for his birthday. He was happy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentines Day

So I was so excited for valentines day but I woke up today even sicker than I was yesterday. So we're celebrating valentines on another day. Instead, I am going to the Dr. to see if I have Strep Throat. Yey-a

Monday, February 11, 2008


I think maybe my blog postings should include more personal stuff. So I started by posting this picture. If thats not personal I don't know what is. Also, I thought I'd tell you about what its like to be a severely brain injured person at school. I'm hoping I'll bring more understanding and a spirit of acceptance to the world. One blog at a time.
Lets start with when I do group project, which happens pretty often as a Psychology major. Peers assume I am incapable of doing squat and so they do the whole thing. Problem here is if others will do it all for you, you don't want to put in the effort to do anything. BECAUSE ITS SO EASY TO BE LAZY. The end result is you get a project done by doing nothing and YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE GOES DOWN THE DRAIN. Seriously, I'm stuck in this pattern were its so easy for other people to believe your incompetent but eventually you start feeling like your worthless.
Then really little comments made by teachers, peers, people from church, coworkers, etc... that are comments that normal people wouldn't be bothered by I can twist a million ways to think a comment was made that means I'm incapable.
So one might ask..."why are you doing this to yourself?" Because in the summer of 2003 I started it, and I plan to finish no matter how hard a horse kicks me in the head.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh California

I just called my little sis (who lives in CDM with my Grandma right now) only to be told that my mom went to visit her in CA for the weekend. They just went and got manis and pedis and its 70 degrees out there. All I got to say is...this better be worth it to be here.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Morning at the King's

I know you guys want to see pictures soon, and I promise I'll work on that, but I want you all to know what its like here all the time.

This morning Eddie and I were talking about his birthday, when he turns 30 on 8/8/8 so put it on your calender, and we've been thinking of doing it unicorn themed. So Eddie was having reservation and he said "Well unicorns are really hard to get. They're very expensive, only celebrities kids get them for there birthday." And a little later, Eddie asks me "Are you happy?"
Me: "Yes, of course"
Eddie: "Well thats good, you want to know why?"
Me: "Yeah, sure."
Eddie: "Because that attracts the unicorns. We'll be more likely to get one."
I'm so glad he is concerned about my well being for the sake of a mythical creature.

And then, I was putting deodorant on and I dropped the stick and I couldn't find the deodorant part of the stick. It seemed to have popped off when I dropped it. So I told Eddie I have a big mystery and I needed him to come help me find the deodorant. He walked into the bathroom and I told him the problem. He looked downed and turned the deodorant around. It was only flipped over and I couldn't figure it out. That story might not make sense but I will tell you, it just means I'm kinda an idiot.

If Eddie and I were idiots in the same way, we might have a problem. We seem to compliment each other well. I explain to him that unicorns are not real and he finds my deodorant.