Monday, August 23, 2010

HypnoBirthing/Mongan Method

Maybe I've lost my marbles. Maybe that horse scrambled my circuits. But for the first time in my life, I'm actually considering not taking as many drugs as legally feasible when I have Jr. Eddie. Am I crazy? Actually....if you think I can't do this, DON'T TELL ME, because apparently positive thoughts are a necessity if I do go through with the HypnoBirthing/Mongan Method. I have 2 main arguments of the debate going through my head.

Natural side-- I am the result of thousand of years of natural selection. If all those mother ancestors before me we're successful in birthing their baby without drugs (because everyone from my grandma back wouldn't have had access to this medical pain relief), then I wouldn't be here today. And of all my known ancestors, my body would appear to be most like my Dad's mother (I was the only grandchild that had no problem fitting into her wedding dress (thats what grandma told me, but I recall a picture of my cousin Jefra wearing that same dress), I am her height, I look sort of like her) and that woman gave birth to 6 healthy children and was nicknamed "Two-push-Barbara" because she would get those kids out so quick and easy like (this is what I've been told, maybe I should ask her about it...) If they all could, why couldn't I?

Not So Natural, Pain Relief Side-- Some dude invented the technology to get us Americans to the moon. We went, didn't we? We used that technology. It would seem that Al Gore invented the internet, and it would appear that I'm using that technology right now. We have the drugs, and I'll still get into heaven if I use them in this scenario, so maybe I should just use them.

This is an eternal debate that I don't have the answers to. I'll write a book if I figure it out.

This is getting more and more fun...

Just so everyone is up to date, braxton hicks contractions started up this weekend. At 21 weeks. It was definitely manageable, not too painful, and Eddie, being so great, was telling me to relax and practice my breathing, and I told him "Eddie! I don't even know if I am supposed to relax! Maybe this is a bad thing! Maybe I should be going to the hospital, not relaxing!" But I called my midwife this morning, and she told me its fine, as long as it doesn't get too consistent or the pain doesn't go away and as long as I can still feel baby move. I knew this sort of thing was normal, but that it usually didn't start up so soon, especially with a first baby. At least I know he's there, messing with my body like babies are supposed to. My tummy gets so rock hard, I didn't even know my muscles could do that. I think there is a money making idea here...if you could take some hormone stuff that does that to your abdominal muscles when you are at the beach, well I know I would pay good cash for that. But it has to happen when you still have a flat stomach. Someone look into that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things Are Changing Around Here

It all started with two chickens...and let me tell you. Those are more responsibility than one would hope for. But Eddie and I better get used to it, because in case you didn't get the memo already, we've got a baby boy coming on dec. 29th. I'm 20 and 1/2 weeks today. Which is more than half way to baby coming. We really couldn't be more excited for it! We just love him so much already!
Theres a couple pregnancy thoughts I want to share with you. Stuff no one told me.

1. Your skin and nails get so much worse before they get better (still waiting for that). I just kept hearing about how your skin and nails get so good during pregnancy, and before I even got married I was taking "magic hair growth pills" (prenatal vitamins) and they worked great, up until I was in a coma and they took me off everything I was taking, and I never found them or started again. Anyway, they are not having the same effect when I'm actually pregnant! My theory is that the baby wants all those vitamins for himself. If it means he's healthy, he can have it! The breaking out and chipping nails have GOT to STOP!!

2. Whoever says that throwing up during morning sickness doesn't make you feel better is just trying to look tougher because they like to use how it sounds gross to get more sympathy. Let me tell you, there was no worse feeling than laying in bed needing to throw up so bad and not. For a couple months, there was no better feeling than how I felt after I threw up. Maybe thats different for other people, but I know I feel so much worse for the poor girls who just have take it. That part, when I wouldn't throw up, was the worst. I just wanted the relief, which luckily, I got every so often.

We deff. weren't trying or anything, and so I didn't keep a calendar, and didn't realize how it was all glaring at me the whole time. I should have taken a hint when I kept waking up to pee, couldn't make it through the day in Baltimore without coming to the hotel for a nap that seemed to take up every day from about 11-3, and would actually eat my entire plate of food and then be starving again an hour later. But all this started pretty much the day I got pregnant, and so I figured it out around the same time I possibly could have. I'm wondering why I've never real someone's blog who says these things, and I'm wondering if its TMI, but I really don't think it is. Maybe its because I lake a sensor...?

My mom and I went shopping yesterday and I'd like to share a few of the treasures we got.
Its going to be the middle of winter when he's born, so he'll need this:

And this will be for next winter:

And in case you weren't sure, Eddie and I's baby is going to be tough:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Birthday Egg

I just went outside to check out our chickens and guess what I found......AN EGG!!! An egg for Eddie's birthday! They must have know that it was a special day and planned their egg laying calender around Eddie's birthday. August 8th is a special day. I'm not sure which one it was, but I was proud of them both. Its just like a normal egg but it is much smaller. It will make a very small omelet, but its still an EGG from our very own chickens! I should have taken a picture when I found it on the ground, but I was just too excited to remember. My mom said "now you know what its like to be a mom" and I said "I'm going to eat this."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1 million

Just wanted to let everyone know that Eddie's Kesha / Star Wars video hit 1,000,000 views today! Good job Eddie. If you haven't seen it check it out here.