Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why We Love Eddie

Look at what he made or me. He really is kind of incredible. The most incredible husband I could ever find! Yeah, this isn't new but the fact that I put it online is!

Parts 1 & 2

Here part 3

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I Wish I Could Say...

So check this picture out.

This is a note a person found on their car after they got hit while parked. Its pretty good. How do people's minds work this quickly? Well, I probably wouldn't even try to park in that space because lets just imagine what happened to this guys car. Also, I love the spelling and punctuation.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Big Day

Guess what we got today! Our lumber dropped. I know what your wondering..."What IS a lumber drop." It's ok if you don't know. The only reason I know is because I am a constructor. All brain injured, 5'2" of me. I can build you a house.

But a lumber drop is just what it sounds like: they drop off all the lumber you need to build your home. We've built the porch cap and did all the green plate, so we're ready for a house. Again, I know what you're thinking: "Every time I've talk to the Kings in the past month and a half they say their going to build their home. If this is all they've done, they're pretty horrible builders." So not true! We are involved in a socialist community here in Provo. Some even wonder if it's like a polygamist compound. There are 7 families building 7 homes, and we can't move in until all 7 are done (see, not polygamist. They have to be all done). Maybe it's the beginning of the Law of Consecration? So we've framed two other houses and now we're on #3, which happens to be our home. Well, they're almost done being framed. So we've had 2 other houses to screw up on and I think we've got it down alright. So now my house will be the best one! Then we'll have 4 more, and by then we'll all be pretty bored with it and we'll just want to hurry up and be done so we can move in. So #3 is the best spot for a home to be built.

Check out the other two we've done! They belong to Tyson and Katie Frandsen and Chris and Ashley Warcup, both families will be some of the best neighbors ever.

Sorry, the Warcup's home is sideways.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sad Day

T*day is sad. I'm g*ing to buy myself a shake. Why? Because I deserve a treat.

#1 Eddie is g*ne. He left me f*r anther man. *r *ther men, WTF. Maybe n*t anther man, but f*r a c*mpany kn*wn as Rubberball. He left this aftern**n f*r B*st*n. He w*n't be h*me until Wednesday. Maybe part *f it is that I'm bitter. I want t* g*!

I kn* is r*ugh. I just keep trying t* remember that I will get s* much d*ne while he is g*ne.

#2 I hurt myself. I kn*w...whats new? I went t* tell my c*nstructi*n supervis*r that I gt hurt and bef*re I said anything he laughed and said "Did y*u get hurt again!?" And I did. I was using a drill t* drill thr*ugh a plank and there was a bunch *f t*rque *n the drill s* it was hard t* handle. After d*ing a bunch *f drills my finger was killing me. I st*pped and g*t my Dad t* finish the drills. It didn't take l*ng f*r my finger t* get m*re and m*re stiff, and s**n I realized my finger w*uldn't bend very far d*wn. N*t l*ng after, it started t* swell up. N*w it's huge and w*n't bend. Hence the lack *f the letter "O." I did that just f*r y*u with my *ther finger. Its hard t* push that key d*wn with a fat, n*t m*ving finger. It hurts. Make sure t* c*nvert every * into a O.

The *ther day I gt a bad splinter (the kind y*u need t* use a knife t* get it *ut) and Eddie t*ld me I sh*uld tell my c*nstructi*n supervis*r, which I did. Hes was really nice and said "well darn, make sure y*u clean it *ut." Then the c*nfusing part. "Yesterday I jammed my finger." K, was he kidding?! If I get t* ask G*d a questi*n it will pr*bably be "Was Spencer being sarcastic and making fun *f me f*r telling him ab*ut my splinter when he t*ld me ab*ut his finger jam?" I h*pe n*t. I'm t*ugh. M*re t*ugh than m*st *f the *thers I'm w*rking with. It's just...*bvi*usly safety is n*t the first thing that c*mes t* a pers*ns head if they were willing t* be ar*und a stupid, head-kicking h*rse. Hence the c*nstant injuries and fat hurting finger.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things to Stop Saying

Words That Don't Mean What You Think
By CRACKED Staff, Tim Cameron

#1 Irregardless
People think it means:

Actually means: Nothing. Nothing at all. Not a word. The problem with this one is "regardless" already means something isn't worth regard (that's why the "less" is there) so adding the "ir" to it means... it's worth regarding again? Who knows.

People think it means:
To skim over or browse something.

Actually means:
Almost the opposite of that.

Peruse means "to read with thoroughness or care." If you peruse a book, you leave no page unturned. This makes sense when you consider the Middle English per use, meaning "to wear out or use up." Unfortunately, if you "consider the Middle English" very often when speaking, you're probably not exactly the life of the party.

#3 Ironic
People think it means:
Any kind of amusing coincidence.

Actually means:
An outcome that is the opposite of what you'd expect.

#4 Pristine
People think it means:
"Spotless" or "as good as new."

Actually means:
"Ancient, primeval; in a state virtually unchanged from the original."

It's therefore perfectly possible to have a pristine mountain of fossilized brontosaurus poop, but if you were to buff that pile to a lustrous shine, it would no longer be pristine.

#5 Enormity
People think it means:

Actually means:
Outrageous or heinous on a grand scale.

War crimes are enormities. Extra-big bouncy castles are not.

#6 Plethora
People think it means:
A lot of something.

Actually means:
Too much of something, an over-abundance.

And my own personal pet peeve:

#7 Acrosst
People think it means: The same as across.

Actually means:
NOTHING! Well, it means you have bad grammar, really.

One might think I'm mean for talking about my personal pet peeve of the use of the word "acrosst," but I'm not (By the way, 1-6 weren't mine. I use most of those words incorrectly!). I'm doing a favor in a non-public humiliation way. That way you won't say it at a party and most the people there won't be thinking "wow, that was horrific grammar." Guys I swear I'm not mean, I just hate it when I hear "acrosst."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Next Time Someone Tells Me They're Pregnant With A Girl

I will totally know that they don't eat their breakfast cereals. That is the main thing I came away with from reading this article.
This article is about how "a male embryo may be more likely to thrive in a woman who eats more calories."
We will have to get ready to have lots of girls if this is true, but I do like my cereals. Especially sugar cereal. But Eddie is too healthy for that. We can't even have honey nut cheerios in our place.

Don't tell me that that kid isn't precious. I'm trying hard to get on the Asian baby bandwagon. I think marrying an Asian was a good start.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Don't Know About You...

or about anyone else in the world for that matter, but this is how we build a house.

The ladder was too far away...what do you expect?

This is the closest I can get to riding a horse these days.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

mormons exposed

Yeah, check out this site:

This is so very funny. They have a calender you can buy where they have pictures of missionaries, both in missionary clothing and street clothes. You can even read their bios and learn all about these dreamy men. AND this is edition II. Oh how I love what people will do to make money. And their 15 seconds of fame.

check out brandon. He's a dream boat.