Monday, March 31, 2008

So Stupid But So Necessary

Here is a fun fact for you:
Mainly because the price of zinc has soared in value, a penny now costs about 1.7 cents to produce. One-cent coins don't have much economic utility, as we all know. Most people don't even stop to pick them up if they see one on the ground. Apparently, if you stop to pick up a penny and it takes more than 6.15 seconds, that pays less than minimum wage. How much does that suck. Did you know that the U.S. stopped making half-cents in 1857, when a half-cent had significantly more purchasing power than a dime does today. You'd think they'd stop making pennies about now.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Big News

I am a constructor! We finally started our home. We didn't want to tell anyone for a while just in case we backed out, but it's looking pretty serious. So we bought our tools, we've started building, and we are the proud owners of some dirt and cement. Here is what our house currently looks like:

I'm totally into construction! Can you tell by my glasses?

This is what our house eventually will look like, come novemberish:

Monday, March 24, 2008

A couple things...

1. ITS MY BIRTHDAY! 23 today.

2. It sounds like Jason Bourne might be the winner. Which is kinda sad to me. I understand everyone's reasoning, but my loyalties always lie with Jack. But I guess loyalties won't save you if you're being hunted down by vampires or a beast...

3. If you want to learn about contraceptives throughout history, check this out. I found it on

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have an question of utmost importance:

In a fight between Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne, who would win?

I know where I'm leaning, but I want to know about you guys. I can't post a poll, I'm not smart enough. So just leave a comment with your vote.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ken lee

Eddie asked me if I had heard of Ken Lee. I figured he was talking about some distant relative, so I said "no." Turns out her was talking about this incident on the Bulgarian Idol:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life is Complete

Why, you ask? Well, I am ready for anything now, because Wii is coming out with a Mario Kart game. I'm serious about Mario Kart, and the real reason Eddie and I want a house is because we'll have enough room to play with a Wii. Only when we have room to play with one we will then invest in a Wii. This wonderful day is April 27th, 2008. Mark your calenders.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Love List

Here is a list of my favorite things right now. Oprah's Favorite Things list has nothing on this list!

1. Cous Cous- I did not realize me love! If I have one more bite of brown rice, I might lose it. This is a great, cheap, yummy, quick, and simple alternative!
2. The white hair straightener- I asked my hair dresser the brand and he said "The white one." So there you go. My hair has never been so straight. Well, not sense some person broke my chi while I was in the coma and didn't tell me. Till I came home from the hospital and found it broken. But the white one is like $75 - 80 from a stylist.
3. Debacterol Canker Sore Pain Relief- it actually works! Get it from your dentist if you have serious canker sore issues!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Ok so we tried again to have V-Day with much better results. Now thats its been a couple weeks we're pretty well recovered. So we went to the incredible Pizzaria 7 12 and it was wonderful. I've been there once before and when we went back I was tempted to get the same thing cuz it was so good but we decided it was better to branch out. I'm not sure what dish there is my favorite because its all so good. If you are in the Provo area you have got to check this restaurant out.

And he gave me the most beautiful ring! I did pick it out. I put a picture on the comp of it and he eventually got it for me. I learned this trick from my mom. About 10 years ago she did the same thing, but she put the picture on the fridge. The fridge trick was a more primitive version of the computer. About a year later my dad got that ring for my mom. Mine didn't take that long, but one must remember that it cost much less. But look!

My fingers swell TONS in warmer weather, and we're in Provo, so be understanding. And we very well could be doing physical labor this summer so not wearing a center stone is a plus. AND when I got engaged I wanted more color to my ring, but I know that will go out of style quickly and I'll change my mind, so I figured this way will be a good compromise. Its not my engagement ring so I wont be wearing it forever. So sometimes I'll wear it with my engagement and wedding ring just to spice things up on my left hand. You'd think I'd start with a manicure...