Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Right now I'm taking both floral design and this cooking/meal preparation in the family. So that's two classes that are more homey and wifey related. Funny because for both classes I've been offered extra credit for cooking dinner and taking a picture to prove it to my teacher. Cooking dinner? Really? For my university education? Whatever, I'll take it. I cook dinner already most nights sans credit from school. So thats....great.

In my cooking class last night we made home made marsh mellows (which turned out great! Eddie asked me what kind of food I want for food storage and I told him marsh mellows!) to make into peeps and we were supposed to make white chocolate Easter Baskets to put our peeps in. HA. I said "supposed to" because I didn't. I failed miserably. This home eq. stuff is not so easy always. Last week we practiced folding napkins...also not so easy. Anyways, I couldn't make the basket and the marsh mellows got too stiff before we could form them into peeps, so we just made marsh mellow lumps. And my basket broke, so pretty much I did nothing right. Its ok because no one in the class could do it. But someone did do better than me, so I took a picture, so you could get an idea of what my education is turning into.

Go ahead and send those graduation checks...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Next Best Thing!

Guess what I got today?! You'll never guess. I texted Eddie about how I get to be a mommy starting today. I was almost shaking I was so excited. I put the box in the car and drove home so carefully.

Here's the box:

I opened the box to find these:

I reached in and held them and loved them and then put them on the floor to take more pictures.

I would blog more but I'm not hearing any cheeping down stairs. I better go check on them...Mariah (shes black) and Miley (shes red).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

wonderful SUN

I feel like yesterday and today were the BEST days. People are so happy now, its amazing. The time change seemed to coincide nicely with this very warm weather, and I love it! Its like all the sudden everyone is so happy, and I think its because it stays light longer and they can wear t-shirts and flip flops. I want it to stay like this forever. I hate that uncomfortable, scorching, billion degree summer that will be here before we've had enough of this "don't have to wear a coat but I'm still happy to wear a long-sleeve shirt" weather. Which is GREAT. We don't get much of this weather, and before you know it horseback riding lessons will be canceled because they don't want death from dehydration.

Monday, March 15, 2010 is probably one of the best websites i've come across in a long time. You can sell whatever you want for $5. Some of my favorite things for sale are:

I will settle your arguments for $5
I will answer any baking questions you have for $5
I will change your voicemail greeting with my extra sexy voice and say anything you want for $5
I will analyze the nutritional value of a recipe for $5


So the big question is, What can I sell for $5? Maybe a simple knit headband? I guess if I wanted to sell more intricate things I could always start an etsy shop, but this is so much more fun.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Handsome Men Club

Handsome Men Club
We've been a little carried away by youtube for the last little bit. We're having a real hard time breaking the ½ million mark so I check about 10 times a day. But this way you come across all sorts of fun things. I think this video is SO FUNNY. Just watch it. Trust. But I must say, its about 10 minutes long, so get in your lounge chair and grab some popcorn. I think the first half is most funny though, maybe because after 5 minutes, I can't even think to remember my own name.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Week EVER

I had a blog post about the day Eddie and I turned on the TV and saw a picture of him on Best Week EVER (a VH1 show that really is pretty darn funny). I was so happy. I love that show.
Well I love that show again! The video is on and that makes me happy again. Love it!!


Hopefully no ones about to die. Maybe the death of socks counts as the bad thing I swear is coming...

My Night and My Socks

Here is a story for you! Possibly the worst night of my life at the time, but its kind of funny in retrospect. This will be a lot of writing but thats how long my night was.

Sunday night Eddie and I were going to our friend's, Jenny and Lasse's, house for dinner. We were supposed to be celebrating their purchase of a home about 1/2 block away from us! But Eddie was trying to post the video before the cut off time, so I was going alone. I was bringing dessert, but I burnt the frosting and I didn't have another box of powdered sugar, so I called Jenn and she said just to come over and I could use hers. I put on the pair of stockings that I just finished knitting and went out the door. I took a paper Anthropologie bag and put a bottle of vanilla in and some cocoa. I pretty recently bought the vanilla and I broke the cap before I even used it the first time, so it had a precariously placed cap of aluminum foil. In my hurry, I didn't even think about the danger.

I was driving over, and then I heard Neon Tree's Animal on 101.9 The End, and I almost died! Not only are they a Provo band who I've met, but Animals is also my current favorite song. I was SO excited I almost died and I started looking for my phone (don't tell Oprah) to call Eddie, but I must of forgotten it. Then I almost died again for agony. But, big deal, I can cope without modern technology. I can do anything in my car. I told you I don't need technology.

I get to Jenn's apartment complex and realize I'm not sure where I'm going, but I don't have my phone, so I'd have to figure it out. I parked, and I put the Anthro bag on my lap and getting everything else together. Then I started wondering what was wet on the seat. I look down and realize I'm COVERED in vanilla. My socks I just knit...all brown. I threw it out the door (I left it there.) and went to what I thought was the right apartment. I left the cake in the car, I didn't care anymore. Not Jenny or Lasse answered the door, so I asked if they knew where they lived. They were in the same ward so they knew. Their 2 year old said it smelled was just vanilla...GET OVER IT!

So I found Jenn and Lasse, and I was so close to tears. No husband. No phone. No cake. Everything in my car was sticky. I smelled funny...the little girl said. And worst of all, my hard work knitting was ruined! I almost just drove home in shame to cry...

So here are some pictures...Screen grabs from a wedding Eddie shot...

It was a big lose. I had only have them for about 2 weeks. It was pure vanilla, so its in there for good. I think I'm just going to dye them a darker color. Plus, it wont take me as long to knit them now that I've done it once. Just prolly a week or two.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ke$ha spoof: Star Wars/Star Trek

This is the man I chose to marry. You know, the one in the dress wearing princess Leia buns. We had the best time with this.